Summer Programs
Meadowbrook Day Camp

2018 Bus Routes

These times are estimates so plan to arrive 5 minutes prior to a scheduled pick-up/drop-off time. Times may be adjusted during a session due to traffic conditions, weather, or unexpected road construction.

Bus stops or routes may be changed for better scheduling. If no campers sign-up for stop, it will be deleted for that session.

  • Loker Elementary School
    49 Loker St., Wayland
    7:50am 4:23pm
  • Coach Grill
    55 Boston Post Rd., Wayland 8:03am 4:12pm
  • Brook & Conant Rd.
    272 Conant Rd., Weston
    8:15am 4:00pm
  • Hunnewell Elementary School
    28 Cameron St.
    7:50am 4:30pm
  • Bates Elementary School
    116 Elmwood Road
    8:00am 4:20pm
  • Hamilton & Mayo Streets
    8:05am 4:13pm
  • Weston High School
    444 Wellesley St.
    8:12am 4:03pm
  • Country School
    2 Alphabet Lane, Weston
    8:20am 3:55pm
  • Driscoll School Area
    Bartlett & Washington
    7:50am 4:30pm
  • Mason Rice Elementary School
    149 Pleasant Street
    8:08am 4:12pm
  • Newton Library
    330 Homer Street, Newton
    Pick-up on City Hall side by the crosswalk; drop-off on library side 8:12am 4:08pm
  • Peirce Elementary School
    170 Temple Street
    8:22am 3:58pm

  • Broadmeadow Elementary
    120 Broadmeadow Road
    7:50am 4:30pm
  • Needham High School
    in back, Admiral Gracy Drive
    8:00am 4:23pm
  • Lower Falls Community Center
    Cornell & Atkinson Streets
    8:15am 4:00pm
  • United Parish Church
    Williams School Area
    69 Hancock St.
    8:20am 3:55pm
  • Comm. Ave. & Islington, Newton
    8:27am 3:50pm
  • Bigelow Middle School
    42 Vernon Street, Newton
    pick-up on Vernon, drop-off on Arlington
    7:55am  4:28pm
  • Cabot School Area
    144 East Side Pkwy &
    Winchester St.
    8:05am 4:20pm
  • Mill & Berkshire Streets
    8:10am 4:15pm
  • Newton North High School
    Lowell Ave & Elm
    (in back parking lot)
    8:15am 4:10pm
  • Otis & Lenox Street
    8:19am 4:05pm
  • Burr Elementary School
    171 Pine Street
    8:30am 3:55pm
  • Lincoln & Bowdoin Streets
    7:55am 4:25pm
  • Gordon Road & Beacon Street
    8:00am 4:20pm
  • Waban Center Library
    1608 Beacon Street
    Pick-up on Woodward; drop-off on Beacon
    8:10am 4:10pm
  • Beacon Street & Wilde Road
    8:15am 4:05pm