Forms Directions 2019


Meadowbrook Day Camp typically posts  all camper forms on the Parent Dashboard for you to complete in the spring.  
 Click on Parent Dashboard and enter with your email and password.  If you need your password reset and know the email you created the account with, you may reset it yourself, otherwise, you may contact us to do so. We advise completing all forms at the same time as this avoids having to re-enter the system multiple times and allows ample time for us to review forms before the beginning of camp.

Dismissal Form- This is required for all campers, teens and CITs.  Specific directions are within the form.  This form also includes sign up for Aftercamp and Tennis. Pre -camp (7:30-8:30 am)sign ups must be submitted by sending an email to with the dates of the pre-camp care requests.  Pre-camp can be signed up for during the summer within 24 hours in advance or now if you know the dates needed. ** Please see transportation at bottom of page if using bus service. **

High Ropes Permission Form-This is for campers entering grades 4- 7 only.  No younger campers, teens or CITs need complete this form.​​​

Upload Physician’s Record-Required for all campers, teens and CITs.  Please scan a copy of the latest physical and immunization sheet from the doctor’s office on to your home computer.  Save the document at home, then you can click on “upload physician’s record” on the Parent Dashboard and choose the saved file.. It will then be uploaded and sent in to us.  If you are unable to do so, please mail us a hard copy of the papers.  If your child's physical is after the form due date, please submit the 2018 version.  You should then mail us the updated form after your child's 2019 physical.  We will upload the new form once we receive it in the mail We must get a new copy from you each year.

Emergency Health Care Plan-Only for campers, teens or CITs who have an Epi-pen or severe allergy

OTC Meds-Only if you wish to pre-approve Over the Counter medications that may be given to your camper at camp.

Health History-Parts 1, 2 & 3-  All parts required for all campers, teens and CITs.

Transportation Form 2019- In addition to indicating your bus on the dismissal form, you must complete the transportation form to actually sign up for bus usage.