COVID-19 Practices and Protocols

The Meadowbrook School has been successfully open for full-time, in-person learning since September thanks to its dedicated COVID Response Team and intentional layers of safety. The Health and Safety protocols implemented on campus aim to exceed current local and national COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines. 

Please scroll down for our most recent COVID-19 testing dashboard. 

Health and Safety Practices for Enrolled Campers

Layers of Safety 

The following layers of safety are currently in place on campus, and will be integrated into all summer programs as indicated by summer COVID-19 guidelines:

1. Three-week sessions

  • Meadowbrook will be hosting two summer programs on campus this summer - Meadowbrook Day Camp and Mazemakers Camp - and both programs will be running the same three-week sessions. 

  • A three-week session allows for safe and consistent grouping of students, without the “in and out” of shorter sessions or camper turnover. Families will commit to an entire session, thereby creating a community pod for the duration of their session.

  • Even in non-COVID times, research tells us that campers benefit from a three-week session that allows them to grow comfortable with their group, to connect meaningfully with others, to discover new activities or interests, and for camp to have a lasting impact. 


2. COVID-19 Testing

Meadowbrook Summer Programs will employ a lower swab BinaxNow rapid antigen test for its campers and staff. Camp testing protocols will be shared with enrolled families.

  • Pre-population testing 
    • A lower swab PCR pre-population test is required of all campers and will be offered at Meadowbrook prior to the beginning of each session of camp.
    • Testing will take place on campus; specific date/location will be shared with enrolled families.
  • Weekly assurance testing
    • All campers and staff will undergo twice weekly assurance testing using the BinaxNow rapid antigen test.

3. Pre-population testing of campers and staff

  • If up-to-date guidelines continue to recommend pre-population testing in the summer, all campers and staff will be tested for COVID-19 prior to the beginning of each session of camp. 

  • Please save the dates of Friday, July 2nd and/or Friday, July 23rd for COVID testing on Meadowbrook’s campus depending when your camper will be starting camp. If your camper is attending both sessions, they only need to be tested before Session A.

  • Pre-Population Testing times are July 2nd, 7:00am-12:00pm and July 23rd, 10:00-1:00 and 4:00-6:00pm.


4. Weekly assurance testing

  • All campers and staff may undergo weekly assurance testing at camp based on current recommendations. 


5. Daily Health Screening

  • Families will complete a daily health screening using a simple app. This screening will ask families to confirm the absence of fever, symptoms, interactions with those who have recently tested positive for COVID-19, or exposure to COVID-19. 

  • Families will also be asked in the daily screening to report  travel in compliance with Massachusetts state travel restrictions.  


6. Masks

  • Campers and staff will be required to wear masks at all times, with appropriate exceptions (eating, drinking, swimming) as indicated by up-to-date guidelines. 


7. Camper cohorts

  • All campers will be assigned to a cohort. 

  • Group staff will also be assigned to a specific cohort for each three-week session.

  • Training will be provided for staff to ensure optimal cohort protocols.   


8. Dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces for each cohort

  • Meadowbrook is fortunate to have a spacious campus that supports a dedicated indoor and outdoor space for each cohort while maintaining physical distancing. 

  • Outdoor tents for each cohort provide space for groups to gather, play, engage in activities, eat lunch, and be together safely.

  • Dedicated indoor (air-conditioned) classroom spaces for each cohort allow for the fun to continue on rainy or excessively hot days. 


9. Bathroom spaces

  • Each  cohort has a bathroom  located near their indoor space  to reduce intermingled traffic. Toilet seat covers have been added to each toilet.


10. Physical distancing

  • All spaces are set up with physical distancing protocols in place. Permanent markers on floors and in the hallways remind campers to keep their distance, while staff will also be monitoring the 6ft distance between campers at all times. 


11. Professional cleaning and sanitation throughout the day

  • Meadowbrook employs a professional cleaner to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation throughout the day as well as a  nightly cleaning service.

  • Frequent cleaning of bathrooms, shared surfaces, and equipment is a priority. 


12. Staff training for up-to-date COVID protocols

  • All camp staff will be trained in the most up-to-date COVID-19 safety and prevention measures, with continued training throughout the summer as recommendations or guidelines evolve. 


13. Individually packaged and delivered lunch and snack

  • Flik dining will offer a lunch menu of choices for purchase by campers, who may select their options ahead of time each week. Purchased lunches will be individually packaged for each camper, and delivered to the cohort (indoors or outdoors).

  •  Snacks  will be individually packaged for each camper, and delivered to the cohort (indoors or outdoors). 

  • Allergies or dietary restrictions will continue to be monitored and accommodated. Please contact us before the summer with any special dietary requirements. 


14. Hand-washing stations and sanitizer as part of the daily routine

  • Indoor and outdoor mobile hand-washing stations, as well as hand sanitizer, are integrated as part of the daily routine - upon arrival, between activities, before eating,  toileting,  etc. Campers are able to maintain recommended hand hygiene practices without crowding into bathrooms for hand-washing.


15. Nurses’ office for routine medical care as well as COVID-19 response

  • Our Nurses’ Office continues to be available for routine medical care. 

  • An isolation room is also available for managing symptomatic individuals.


16. Physical Upgrades to Campus:

The Meadowbrook School has made COVID-responsive upgrades to its campus, enhancing and exceeding safety recommendations for its school-year students and summer campers. These improvements include: 

  • Visual reminders in hallways and on floors of recommended physical distances (6ft) between campers

  • Wayfinding signage that directs students to an optimized one-way traffic flow between spaces

  • Elimination of shared work spaces; safe physical distancing between individual work spaces

  • Upgraded filtration capabilities of HVAC system; regular HVAC inspection to ensure recommended air quality

  • Separate state-recommended isolation rooms for campers/staff who exhibit signs of COVID-19

What's Different from 2019?

The following camp experiences may look or feel a little different from previous summers. 

  • Daily bus transportation will NOT be available for 2021
  • Before/after care will not be offered in 2021
  • Free swim modifications to include physical distancing
  • Large group gatherings/assemblies eliminated or modified
  • On-campus visitors will not be allowed
  • Overdays and Overnights eliminated

Specific updates will be provided to enrolled families.



We are planning for a healthy, safe, and fun summer with guidance from the following resources: 

  • Health, Safety, and Wellness Committee/COVID Response Team of The Meadowbrook School

  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health Guidelines for Recreational Camps

  • Town of Weston Board of Health

  • American Camp Association

  • Greater Boston Camp Directors Network

  • Association of Independent Schools of New England

  • Our consulting physician, Dr. Rose Dieffenbach


Additional updates, requirements, or recommendations will be shared with enrolled families throughout the winter and spring.