AfterCamp-Cannot be confirmed at this time.  The following is information from 2020

AfterCamp is a service offered by Meadowbrook Day Camp providing campers a relaxed environment to add on to the regular camp hours.  Aftercamp begins after campers have been dismissed, at 4:00 and is available until 6:00 pm daily.  There is no Aftercamp on Friday, August 13th as all campers are dismissed at 12:30.  AfterCamp is billed by the quarter hour and is billed after attendance hours are calculated.  An hourly fee of $16.00. Sign up on the Parent Dashboard in the dismissal form for regular use or call the office to schedule occasional use.

Pre-Camp-Cannot be confirmed at this time.  The following is information from 2020

Pre-Camp or early morning care is available through Mazemakers, a camp program on the Meadowbrook School premises. Available 7:30 to 8:30 am for a flat fee of $18.00, billed to parents through Mazemakers.  Call the camp office to schedule.

Tennis Clinic-Cannot be confirmed at this time.  The following is information from 2020.

Tennis Clinic is also an after hours program separate from a camper’s scheduled Tennis group time.  Campers/Parents may sign up for more individualized tennis lessons weekly through the Parent Dashboard- dismissal form, or on a drop in basis by calling the camp office.  Tennis Clinic is taught by our fabulous instructor of many years, Chris Post, and is a flat fee of $38 per day/child and also includes a free swim time in our wonderful pools.  The schedule for Tennis Clinic days is on the dismissal form, but it is generally offered 3-4 days per week. 


Meadowbrook Day Camp has offered a lunch program for many years.  The lunch service is provided by the same organization as during the school year and lunch may be purchased by the week only.  FLIK provides campers with a hot lunch option as well as salad and sandwich bar daily.  Lunches may be purchased by signing in to the Parent Dashboard and selecting Enrollment options.  Milk is offered to all our campers daily, regardless of whether they purchase lunch or bring their own lunch.


Snacks are offered to all our campers once daily.  Snack always includes a fruit option and may include Sun Chips, breakfast bars, crackers, pretzels etc.  For a full list of snacks, please contact the camp office.  As always, please inform the camp via the medical forms of any allergies or food concerns.  Campers who stay for AfterCamp or Tennis are offered a late afternoon snack daily.