Teen Adventures

For teens who are entering 8th or 9th grade-

Email us at: Meadowbrookteenadventures@gmail.com (summer use only)

Enrollment typically opens February 1st.  2019 schedule of activities is below.  Once 2020 activities have been scheduled, they will be posted here.

The Teen Adventures Program includes teens, some of who have completed many years at the day camp and others who are joining in for the first time. Teens can sign up on a weekly basis for one, several or all of the weeks offered. Each week has a specific calendar of events planned for the week and some weeks are more adventurous than others. Teens meet on Monday mornings to get acquainted during a shared breakfast, then off they go on their adventures. Limited Enrollment.

Our two, co-ed Teen Leaders are chosen based on their maturity and leadership skills and are well qualified in the social and emotional well-being and safety of your teens. Additional trip leaders are sometimes provided by the outside organization for specialty skills such as scuba diving, sea kayaking, and white water rafting.

2019 ScheDULE OF ACTIVITIES     Description of Activities

Normal program hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. though some trips may require extended hours. Teens may ride regular camp buses to and from camp at no additional charge. Teens bring a bag lunch and water bottle and Meadowbrook provides daily snacks and food for the overnight camping trips.

Trip destinations may need to be altered due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.



All Teen Adventure Waivers are organized by the week in the below section.  Please click on each waiver to print and sign, then return the waiver to camp via your student or scan and email it to the camp email.  If the trip is not listed, there is not a required waiver for that particular trip.  Some waivers are a link to an online waiver rather than one you print and return to us.  Each is labeled accordingly.  Thank you!

Week 4 Waivers:

scuba diving waiverboda borg waiver linkfencing waiver

f1 car racing waiver



Week 6 Waivers:

Beach & Surfing Waiver

paddleboarding waiver

fencing waiver

F1 Car Racing Waiver

Week 7 Waiver:

white water rafting waiver